A recognized leader in successful aging.

According to a landmark MacArthur Foundation study, your lifestyle — not your genetic makeup — is the major determinant in how well you’ll age. This 10-year study has led to new thinking and a new approach to retirement living called Masterpiece Living®, a nationally recognized successful aging initiative.

Our purposeful programming empowers you to embrace four factors that affect your well-being — intellectual, physical, social and spiritual — rather than just one. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, Masterpiece Living takes research-based findings and works with residents to develop a road map for protecting their future health.

We begin with a Masterpiece Living review to explore your personal goals. Together, we’ll identify opportunities you can use to make the continued pursuit of multidimensional wellness a natural part of your everyday life.

At Friendship Village of Bloomington, we’re proud to be recognized by Masterpiece Living as one of the nation’s Centers for Successful Aging (CSA). The CSA designation is awarded annually to communities that foster a culture of growth and empowerment for residents, team members and others. To receive the recognition, organizations must demonstrate exemplary initiative in six categories: culture, leadership, outreach, team member engagement, resident engagement, and purposeful programming.

Our culture of growth is designed to stimulate and strengthen your sense of well-being to help you continue to grow and become the best you can be. All our wellness initiatives are based on these four aspects:

  • Social: Interact, harmonize and grow your circle of friends by participating in and increasing social activities, as well as not feeling lonely.
  • Intellectual: Challenge and expand your mind by increasing rates of intellectual activity and engagement with others via the internet.
  • Physical: Improve balance, mobility, strength and endurance by engaging in regular aerobic activity, eating more fruits and vegetables, and participating in strength activities.
  • Spiritual: Continue to live with meaning and purpose by increasing your volunteering and level of spiritual activity.

Learn how our research-based findings can help you live a happier, healthier life at Friendship Village by completing the contact form on this page.